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MGIMO University remains the leading Diplomatic University in Russia and continues to expand its list of international partner Institutions and Organizations.

The Odintsovo Campus has already established cooperation with several Universities since 2016 (a full list can be accessed at this link). 


The 2020 Summer Program will be the most wide reaching and challenging Program we've designed so far. It will provide our students with the necessary knowledge to bridge the gap between Russian Foreign, Domestic and Energy Policy - giving them a deeper understanding of the contemporary geopolitical situation in Europe and the world, and providing insight into the inner-workings of Russian policy making. Our staff of acclaimed university professors, prominent politicians, experienced diplomats and renowned experts have developed a directed and cohesive program, which tackles all the most important aspects of Russian Foreign Policy. Students will attend daily lectures and seminars, take part in group projects and presentations, and attend guest-speaker events - all of which will be conducted exclusively in English. 

Henning Sasenrath


Excellent speakers giving insight into a vast spectrum of opinions and ideas, extraordinary excursions into key insittutions, finally the feeling of exhaustion in the best possible way: I strongly recommend participting in the summer program!

Lina Gervazieva


One of the most memorable milestones of my education was realized during last summer’s MGIMO program, which included a Russian Foreign Policy module. I gained experience in forecasting international processes and understanding the historical trajectory of governments around the world. Now, the other members of the program are my friends, we still communicate online discussing our experiences. I truly recommend this summer program!

Caleb Chia


The benefits to one’s personal networks and one’s understanding/appreciation of the world and other cultures are off the charts. Further, MGIMO has built into its curriculum for their summer school participants an entire itinerary of various sightseeing activities. The rigor and intensity of the academic curriculum at MGIMO was well paired with the richness of the cultural and recreational experiences on offer.


will be held at the new MGIMO University campus in Odintsovo, in one of the most prestigious suburban Moscow areas - “Rublevka”, where the President of Russia and most of the Federal ministers reside. Five minutes from Moscow by the new Northern Bypass Highway and just 20 kilometers from the Kremlin and Red Square, the modern campus is notably in an eco-friendly, healthy country-side environment. At the same time, the campus remains completely accessible thanks to an efficient transportation system, which will bring you to downtown Moscow in no more than half an hour. Summer Program students will reside at the “MGIMO Hotel” in Odintsovo, an officially registered 3-star Hotel attached to the main building.


Currently enrolled University Students, Post-Graduate Students, Professionals in the fields of International Relations, Russian and European Foreign Policy, Russian Energy Policy and International Energy Cooperation. Moreover, the Summer Program is balanced in such a way that it will be equally interesting to individuals without deep background knowledge in the aforementioned topics. Students that are interested in learning more about Russian History and Culture, that want to gain more knowledge about contemporary Russian policy-making, see Moscow and the surrounding region first hand and improve (or begin to form) their Russian language skills, will gain new perspectives and experience at MGIMO, and will leave the program with broadened knowledge across a wide range of topics and contemporary issues. 

The Program is suitable for individuals of all ages - our youngest graduate was 18 years old, while our oldest Alumni was 71. As far as geographic range is concerned, we've had the privilege of teaching students from 32 countries. The core requirements for our students are an excellent grasp of the English language, an insatiable appetite for knowledge and eagerness to learn!

Odintsovo Campus

The Odintsovo Campus of MGIMO was established in 2016 as an extension of the historic University, and tasked with exporting education beyond Moscow, as well as managing international programs, such as the Summer Program for Foreigners. 

Novo-Sportivnaya Street 3, Odintsovo, Russia, 143000

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