An unrivaled extracurricular experience.

No academic program can be complete without a balanced and appropriate extracurricular activity set to match. MGIMO makes it a goal to provide the best off-campus set of activities possible, covering all the most famous attractions in Moscow and also heading off the beaten path with exclusive excursions - to further deepen our students' knowledge of Russian history and culture. The set of activities is revised and adapted each year based on a number of factors, to make sure that our students get the most out of their stay. While activities may change due to weather conditions or ticket availability, on average MGIMO Summer Program participants still attend no less than eight activities per session, with no limits imposed on their academic program. Come prepared to learn, explore and make friends. It's that simple  

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MGIMO Summer Students in front of the Kremlin Wall on a Radisson Moscow River Cruise

Moscow River


Watching the penta screened multimedia exhibit at the Garge Museum of Modern Art

Garage Museum of

Modern Art

MGIMO Summer Students in the Headquarters of RT, formerly Russia Today


(Russia Today)

In front of the "Globe" projection sytem at the Space Pavillion at VDNH (IEC)

Space Pavillion


MGIMO Summer Program Students on the territory of the Kremlin

The Kremlin and Red Square

The Monument to World War Two heroes in the Hall of Glory, at Victory Park or Poklonnaya Hill

World War II Victory Museum 

MGIMO Summer Program Students at the State Duma or Parliament

Russian State Duma

MGIMO Summer School students in front of the New Jerusalem Monastery in the Moscow Region

New Jerusalem Monastary

The view from the tallest open air observtion deck in Europe, at 354 meters - on top of the OKO tower

Moscow City

Observation Deck

MGIMO Summer Program Students taking photos of the Moscow river and embankment from Gorky Park

Gorky Park and Embankmant

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior on the Moscow River embankment

Cathedral of Christ

the Savior

MGIMO University Summer Students in front of the fontain of unity at VDNH, the International Expo Center in Moscow

International Expo


MGIMO Summer School Student on top of a Katusha WWII era rocket system

Military Museum 

at Victory Park

MGIMO Summer School student browsing the art at the Tretykov Art Gallery in Moscow

Tretyakov Gallery


MGIMO Summer School Students in the back of a transport helicopter from a Russian airbone division at the Patriot Park facility in Kubinka

Patriot Park in Kubinka

"Russian Foreign Policy:

Domestic Issues, Historical Context,

Legal Aspects, Geopolitical Challenges"


"Russian Energy Policy & International Energy Cooperation"

JULY 4th -JULY 28th
MGIMO Summer Program 2020
Jul 04, 9:00 AM
MGIMO University Odintsovo Campus
Odintsovo Campus

The Odintsovo Campus of MGIMO was established in 2016 as an extension of the historic University, and tasked with exporting education beyond Moscow, as well as managing international programs, such as the Summer Program for Foreigners. 

Novo-Sportivnaya Street 3, Odintsovo, Russia, 143000

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