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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

MGIMO Odintsovo and the Norwegian NORD University have a long and successful history of cooperation, including the implementation of joint Master's and MBA programs, student exchanges, and running joint research programs and conferences.

Participants of the MGIMO - NORD Conference and students in the Main Lecture Hall of MGIMO Odintsovo

October 15th 2019 marked the second annual implementation the Annual Arctic Conference between the Odintsovo branch of MGIMO and the Arctic Center of Nord University Business School. The Topic of this conference was "Challenges and Opportunities for the Smart Development of the High North: Governance, Business and People".

MGIMO - NORD 2019 Conference Key Speaker Schedule

The seminar and conference proved to be a great success, bringing together dozens of specialists with hands-on knowledge and expertise that could enable the practical implemention of much needed "Smart" solutions, including contemporary approaches to municipal and regional governance, and development and proliferation of new ecologically friendy and community-centric technologies. Moreover, an important topic of debate was the role played by local populations of the high north, how to enable their active participation in the Smart development of their regions, and how to attract new generations of highly qualified specialists to Arctic regions.

In total more than sixty politicians and government officials, scientists and experts from the UN and and public administration, representatives of large business and non-governmental organizations from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the USA took part in the conference. The conference was also attended by over 250 students, undergraduates and professors of the Odintsovo campus of MGIMO. As always, international events such as the MGIMO-NORD conference are openly accessible to all MGIMO alumni, including International Summer School participants.

The International conference was held under the chairmanship of the Director of the MGIMO Odintsovo, Sergey Vasiliev, and the director of the Arctic Center of the School of Business at the University of Nord, Frode Mellomvik. Take a look at some photos from the conference in the Gallery below:

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