Student Experiences from the 2019 Summer Program

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Our Summer Program alumni are exceptionally active and driven individuals, both in their academic undertakings and in their desire to explore and learn about new places.

For this reason, it should come as no surprise that after completing the Summer Program at MGIMO, our former students have an abundance of thoughts and experiences regarding their time spent in Moscow, which they happily share with their friends and collegues. Liesbeth Oost shared her experience with the program through facebook.

Unless you understand Dutch, make sure to have Google translate at the ready.

Another Student, Muriele Le Bouffant from France, shares her goodbyes with the Odintsovo campus of MGIMO in her post, aptly titled "Poka-Poka " which translates to "Bye for now".

Another fantastic experience was shared with us by an exceptional participant of the 2018 Summer Program, Skylar Coleman from American University. You can check out the video she filmed and edited below:

Posts like these certainly go a long way towards accurately portraying the various aspects of the Summer Program at MGIMO, but some things should be experienced firsthand! Join MGIMO next year to see Moscow for yourself and learn more about Russian Foreign Policy, History and Culture.

Until then, you can look over other student experiences on our "Overview " page.

Odintsovo Campus

The Odintsovo Campus of MGIMO was established in 2016 as an extension of the historic University, and tasked with exporting education beyond Moscow, as well as managing international programs, such as the Summer Program for Foreigners. 

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