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Students of MGIMO University's Summer Program attend challenging classes daily, Monday through Saturday. Professors from MGIMO, invited guest speakers from Russia and abroad will read a cycle of lectures dedicated to contemporary Russian Foreign Policy and Energy Policy, including aspects of International Energy Security and Cooperation. During these lectures, seminars and round tables our participants are encouraged to ask questions, challenge their professors and debate with their academic partners. Our students will also attend Russian language classes daily for the first two weeks of the Summer Program, and further enhance their knowledge through additional contact hours during cultural and historic extracurricular activities. 

2020 Session at a Glance

JULY 4th + 5th

Arrival and accomodation on campus


JULY 6th - 28th

Academic and Extracurricular Program as per the schedule


is reserved for students' self-prep, independent exploration and rest before a new academic week.

Russian Foreign Policy classes cover a broad range of course material in various formats. Topics include: "Russia's Position in World Politics: Foreign Strategy Challenges and Prospects", "Empirical Study of RFP", "RFP: Legal Perspective", "RFP: Domestic and Historical Context".

Week two continues in the same format as week one, concentrating on Russian Foreign Policy. Note that minor scheduling changes are possible, speakers may be added or replaced. Nonetheless, academic hours and contact hours will be fulfilled.

Week three is the most intensive from an academic standpoint, with Russian Energy policy as the key talking point and Special Guest speakers replacing Russian language classes and off-campus activities 

This week ends with an overview of the learned material.

"Russian Foreign Policy:

Domestic Issues, Historical Context,

Legal Aspects, Geopolitical Challenges"


"Russian Energy Policy & International Energy Cooperation"

JULY 4th -JULY 28th
MGIMO Summer Program 2020
Jul 04, 9:00 AM
MGIMO University Odintsovo Campus
Odintsovo Campus

The Odintsovo Campus of MGIMO was established in 2016 as an extension of the historic University, and tasked with exporting education beyond Moscow, as well as managing international programs, such as the Summer Program for Foreigners. 

Novo-Sportivnaya Street 3, Odintsovo, Russia, 143000

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