Jeff Monson to give guest lecture at MGIMO Odintsovo

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

MGIMO University at Odintsovo is proud to announce that on November 11th 2019, we will host a special appearence by Jeff Monson, who will read a lecture on the "Socio-Economic Aspects of Political Science" and conduct a Q&A session with MGIMO students. The 48 year old Mixed Martial Arts champion and TV star holds masters degrees in Psychology and Political Science and has been actively involved in the Russian political climate since becoming a Russian citizen in 2016. Mr. Monson is also a Member of the Council of Deputies of the Krasnogorsk city district in the Moscow region and plans to continue his political career.

The lecture will take place in the main lecture hall of the academic wing of MGIMO-Odintsovo at 16.00. All MGIMO students and staff, as well as Summer Program alumni, are invited to participate in the lecture and Q&A session, which will be conducted fully in English.

Odintsovo Campus

The Odintsovo Campus of MGIMO was established in 2016 as an extension of the historic University, and tasked with exporting education beyond Moscow, as well as managing international programs, such as the Summer Program for Foreigners. 

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